home james and don't spare the click pixie
things to do on the internet
listen to the radio here's bbc radio by internet
and here's listen again to bbc7
air america radio
saga for the gaga
radio new york
it's mr radio three: dr kershaw
xlnc1 the mexican classical music station
here's dig from australia
punjabi radio from sky
push through the adverts to all the indian music in the world
here's the bbc download page
read something feelin' smudgie? the guardian
the herald (also on sundays)
sign and sight
the scotsman obituaries
the independent
news from iran
the times (london)
the times (delhi)
the times (moscow)
the times (los angeles)
the afgan daily
the telegraph
iraq today
thedaily timesof pakistan
from singapore: the straits times
the sydney morning herald
look out for this man
new lies from old liars
the all africa news service
let's check alert net
asteroid spotted
bouncing off australia
but you can stop worrying if you like
margaret drabble lets it all hang out
pros hold the front page
articlate wikipedia
arts and letters daily
embrace your brains at the ou net
new humanist magazine
stories from the old front line
the diary of a nobody
three men in a boat
when pg wodehouse woke up one morning aged 78 he was heard to exclaim
"what again"
george orwell in english also from russia
choose a nice background picture when you find a picture that you like
right click and select "set as background picture"
try it with one of these
tell the world the truth about dumfries
here's the wikipedia article on dumfries
wikipedia is written and edited by... anyone
I put those pictures up!
so why not have a go?